Up to date with the latest technology

With the everyday fast evolving and changing of the technology, the level of data security is under bigger and bigger risk. The new biometric technology becomes very smart solution when we are talking about data security and safety of one company’s or person’s identity.

Are you tired of using password and keywords, remembering and writing them, and sometimes loosing or forgetting the same?? Are you insecure about your sensitive and crucial data that could be stolen or abused? We have the right solution for you!



Biroform is one of the leading international companies in the field of biometric identification systems. The BiroFinger researches, development and expertise are coming up with the very new technology concepts that are changing every next day. In contrast to the other vendors of biometric concepts, our offers are not based solely on software and hardware systems, but they also incorporate the human biology and morphology using the finger print, which leads to the highest security level of the improved sensitive data.

Secured by Your Fingerprints

Biometrics-based security, such as fingerprint authentication, is proven to be both more secure and convenient than passwords. Our FIDO2 supported ATKeys now offer many more connection options, including USB-A, USB-C, NFC and Bluetooth. AT.Wallet keeps your cryptocurrency safe just got a lot easier.