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We help you access as many DeFi services and DApps as you want!

Partner with crypto exchanges, open protocols, infrastructure layers to build a more complete decentralized world to you.

Handy and Light to Carry Around

  • Built-in low-power E-ink allows a comprehensive view of your entire transaction details and accounts.
  • BLE/ USB mode for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Passed Waterproof IP68 at depths more than 1 meter.

Supports standalone mode to view total assets and transfer

The smarter way to unlock the decentralized world by AT.Wallet

One of The World’s First Fingerprint

Credit Card Sized Cold Wallet.

Buying NFT with a cold wallet is super easy!

The Best Hardware Wallets to Keep Your Crypto Safe

Enhaced Security

  • Designed with Infineon Secure Element (SLE97, EAL 5+SE), that generates private key inside SE for security transactions.
  • matching-on-card fingerprint sensor, making fingerprint templates not disclose outside the card and only send out public key.
  • Have better control of your assets with our card lock features.

Fast and Accurate Biometrics Authentication

  • Small, Reliable and with the highperformance built-in fingerprint sensor from EgisTec.
  • Patented Standalone Mode adds convenience for fingerprint verification and fast transaction signing.


  • Dimension: 85.0 x 54.0 x 2.2mm
  • E-ink: 1.02″ 128 x 80 display
  • Fingerprint: 10.4 x 10.4, up to 8x fingerprints.
  • Water-proof, 2x LED indicators, 90mAh Li-on rechargable battery.

Multiple Wallets and Multiple cryptocurrencies

  • We support multiple wallets by assigned fingerprint matching.
  • Now we are ready for Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum; we will support Litecoin and Ripple by software upgrade or even more cryptocurrencies.