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Standalone Enrollment

  • Patented innovative standalone technology.
  • No proprietary app and driver needed; Users can enroll fingerprints to ATKey.Pro directly.

Portable Slim & Ultra-Compact Design

  • A Unique security key with a compact and lightweight design
  • Using on all your devices plug- n-play, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and all major browsers.

A FIDO2-certified, side-mounted fingerprint USB security key that enables passwordless authentication in less than a second from any angle.

Best Fingerprint Experience

  • Side-mounted sensor.
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint recognition. (< 1 sec., FAR < 1/50,000, FRR < 2 %)
  • Save up to 10 fingerprints.

Leading Security Protection

  • Bio-Safe is a hardware-based password manager built for security chip, which enables users to log in to websites much more securely and conveniently with the simple touch of a fingerprint.
  • Encryption algorithms in cryptography based on FIDO2 to store and protect fingerprint data securely.

Passwordless Login with ATKey.Pro on the go.

  • Slimmest fingerprint enabled USB dongle for U2F and FIDO2.
  • Portable key for any Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook or all major browsers.
  • Log in with just one tap from any angle.
  • Integration to fit your IT Environment easily.

FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication

For FIDO2 supported services, users can break free from having to remember and type passwords all the time.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Passwordless Sign-In

Microsoft Azure Active Directory accounts can be used with the ATKey.Pro to replace passwords with a secure multi-factor authentication option that is both convenient and reduced-risk.

RSA SecurID® Access

RSA SecurID Access protects both SaaS applications and traditional enterprise resources with a full range of authentication methods and dynamic, riskdriven access policies, that supports using FIDO2-Certified and U2F-compliant ATKey.Pro as an authentication option.